Bengaland Kohana of LittleJaggers

SIRE: RW SGC Bengaland Gold Nugget

DAM: Bengaland Charming Cleopatra

Bengaland Kohana of Little Jaggers is a gorgeous Brown Black Rosetted Bengal with a muscular build, pouted whisker pads, and luxurious smooth coat.  He comes from a Regional Win Supreme Grand Champion line, many thanks to Hugh and Peggy Price of Bengaland, and is quite a looker! Kohana tested negative for HCM on September 19, 2021 He tested (N/N) for PK Deficiency and PRA on 02/21/2019.  He has also tested negative for Feline Leukemia, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Parasites in 2018.  Kohana loves his raw treats and tends to be quite a show off as you can see in his photos.  He seems to know when he is getting his picture taken.   Kohana is TICA registered and has his pedigree.


IMG 6523

IMG 6520

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